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Power Crunch Bars by BNRG (BioNutritional Research Group)

Protein Energy Bar

Tired of the same old dry, chewy bars that claim to be "Balanced" and "Powerful"? Power Crunch Bars are the real thing. These creme filled wafer cookie taste just like a real cookie and pack high quality Proto Whey, and almost no sugar.

Proto Whey is what makes Power Crunch so much better. Proto Whey is a micro peptide protein supplement designed specifically to fulfill an entire spectrum of metabolic requirements to help support optimum human health and performance. Research on protein breakdown, absorption, intestinal function, peptide transport, amino acid profile and tissue requirements provide the foundation. Evolving consumer needs for sophisticated flavoring, affordability and ease of use create the blueprint. The product of this grand marriage is Proto Whey, a quantum leap in protein technology and a new standard for comparison.

The value of Proto Whey is based on two new proprietary components; a super reduced molecular size responsible for extremely high di- and tri-peptide content, and micronized SoftPsil fiber technology which creates a host of synergistic functions naturally enhancing protein absorption and promoting intestinal health. Proto Whey makes Power Crunch Bars your only choice for a perfect protein energy supplement.

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