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Ergonine by PEScience

All Your Supplement Staples - In One Product

* Increase Lean Body Mass*
* Enhance Recovery*
* With TruCreatine, Betaine, Glutamine/Alanine, HICA & More!

ERGONINE…9 ingredients with proven or potential ergogenic/myogenic properties. We've taken these 9 ingredients and supercharged and combined them to create a truly premium product at an unbelievable value.

You've probably heard the term "staple supplement." This essentially means your "bread and butter" supplements, the ones that have stood the test of time and have been shown in countless studies to yield a positive effect. You take your staple supplements on a daily basis in an effort to continue reaching your goals and breaking personal records. They never leave…they travel with you on vacation and you nearly have a breakdown when you forget to take them. ERGONINE is your premium formulated staple.

ERGONINE brings you the first ever NINE-IN-ONE foundational supplement product, a true daily ergogenic aid. No BS, trusted, effective, and all in a single product. A single scoop of Ergonine provides full servings of everything you need. Simply put, Ergonine is the foundation of every supplement stack you ever decide to use.

Creatine Anhydrous (TruCreatine ™) - The Purest Creatine

You've all heard of creatine. It's the most proven natural ingredient for increasing muscle size and strength. Specifically, creatine monohydrate is deemed the best form of creatine available due to the breadth of studies and a whopping 87.9% creatine content.* Other forms of creatine have come and gone, like Creatine HCl trying to call itself bloat free creatine and the purest form, when in reality you are just taking a lousy serving size of creatine.

At PEScience we bring to you a creatine that is truly 100% creatine by weight, TruCreatine. That's right…more pure than Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine HCl…any other form of creatine ever! Creatine anhydrous is the most pure form of creatine, the true biological form of creatine, providing over 12% more creatine by weight than the former legend creatine monohydrate.*

Recent data shows the key to not bloating from creatine is not due to the type of creatine you use, but instead the amount. We use the perfect serving size of TruCreatine™, 3 grams. No loading phase needed, just take your Ergonine every day.

There's a new contender in the strength and size department: Betaine Anhydrous. This exciting compound recently came to researchers' attention as they found it increases strength and muscle mass in a manner very similar to creatine when combined with exercise: by actively providing energy to your muscle cells.*

In addition to this, betaine shares other effects with creatine: it reduces lactate production, it increases power output and explosiveness, it improves endurance, and it delays fatigue in trained subjects.* Betaine even creates a positive hormone environment by lowering the catabolic hormone cortisol.* And as you guessed, we used the 2.5 grams, the exact amount studied extensively in humans for all of these effects.

HydroMax® - Supercharged Glycerol*

Glycerol products are well known for their ability to induce all day pumps and fullness, making you look and feel great inside and outside the gym. Its purpose in ERGONINE is simple…The mechanism by which glycerol works synergizes perfectly with creatine and betaine anhydrous. On top of that…who doesn't want to feel like their muscles are full all day?!

HydroMAX is the new age of glycerol, introducing a much higher potency of soluble glycerol.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate - The Most Effective Form of Carnitine for Athletes*

L-carnitine is another staple supplement that has been used for decades by bodybuilders. Unfortunately, studies on regular L-carnitine have found it ineffective in improving fat loss, even when combined with exercise. The solution is L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT). LCLT is an amazing recovery aid, and it aids recovery through multiple angles. First, it reduces muscle catabolism and destruction as evidenced by markers of muscle damage.* Next, it reduces lactate production by increasing oxygen delivery to muscle, which should result in reduced soreness by preventing acidosis.*

LCLT is the only carnitine you need.

SynerGlut - Unlocking the Synergy of Glutamine with Alanine*

As many of you know, glutamine has long been touted as the ultimate recovery amino acid since it is the most plentiful amino acid in muscle tissue. And yet, countless studies have shown that glutamine has no effect on muscle recovery; it's nothing more than a placebo when taken as plain old L-Glutamine!

This result came as a major shock to myself and many others, so I asked the ever elusive question: why does glutamine not work? The answer lies in the fact that glutamine is the primary amino acid that feeds the cells of your gut, so your intestines consume all the glutamine before they ever reach your muscles.

After over a year of research, we've found a novel way to bypass this problem. By consuming L-glutamine with L-alanine, glutamine delivery to muscle tissue is massively increased, and the recovery pathways can finally have potential. And it doesn't matter whether or not the glutamine is bonded to alanine as a dipeptide; combining L-glutamine with L-alanine in a blend has shown to be equally effective in mammals…and this is precisely what we do.*

Choline Bitartrate - A True Daily Essential*

You may recognize choline as a stimulant free ingredient that increases focus and alertness by converting to acetylcholine in the body. But its inclusion in ERGONINE isn't to enhance mental strength. Rather, brand new data shows that in humans, choline has the ability to induce fat loss while supporting health and exercise performance.*

Like LCLT, choline plays a vital role in exercise performance even if fat loss isn't your goal.* For instance, exercise depletes choline stores which results in diminished physical performance. Heavy exercise can also deplete critical neurotransmitters for mood and energy levels, which is why you may often feel drained at the end of a heavy workout. Choline doubles up as a performance enhancer by keeping mood and energy levels stable during longer workouts and athletic events.*

The L-Carnitine L-Tartrate + Choline Combo: Maximize Your Carnitine

You see, choline displays special synergy with the LCLT we mentioned above. Choline significantly reduces the amount of excreted carnitine so you get way more bang for your buck with each carnitine serving, and the net result is reduced body fat and increased levels of the fat burning hormone leptin.*

So LCLT burns fat, choline burns fat…and when combined, they show synergy…1+1=3

HICA - Leucine's Favorite Cousin

Continuing our trend of taking fan favorite ingredients and providing you with more effective alternative forms, we've taken leucine, the key branched chain amino acid (BCAA) for muscle growth, and simplified it to its most metabolically active metabolite: HICA.

HICA, also known as Leucic Acid or AlphaHydroxyIsocaproic Acid has been shown in elite athletes to increase muscle mass, reduce fat mass, reduce soreness, and improve performance. All at a dose of 1.5 grams…the exact dose we use in ERGONINE.

Ferulic Acid - Untapped Potential In Your Training

PEScience is bringing you a totally novel, human proven compound: ferulic acid. Ferulic acid has been known, in the murine model, to jack up exercise capacity.* Just 30 mg Ferulic Acid a day in well trained weightlifters is enough to significantly enhance muscle mass, increase strength, and improve recovery.* And it does this with a unique mechanism unlike any other compound in ERGONINE, allowing you to hit muscle growth and performance enhancement from all angles.

Nine Ingredients that have been Supercharged Into One Finished Product

ERGONINE is the only product to use the most effective forms of these human tested ingredients…and the only product with which you can take one serving and be done with your daily serving of a jawd ropping nine daily ergogens. Supercharge your workouts…and your body.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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