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Vici by Haleo

The Smart Pre-Workout

Power. Energy. Stamina.

Maximize your training, Optimize your health.

Just like you, we are busy, active individuals who love to work hard and play hard. Time is precious to us so we are always looking for ways to hack our activities and get the most from our investments. The same goes with our training. We search for ways to maximize the positive effects and optimize health benefits.

One way to do this is to use specific, evidence-based nutrients before training. This allows us to do more, recover faster and then do more again.

We have tried most of the pre workout supplements on the market but unfortunately there are few we trust to meet our standards. Many of them contain Proprietary Blends that do not disclose the amounts of ingredients used. As guys that like to base our purchase decisions on evidence, and quality, it's hard for us to make that leap of faith.

Worse yet, many pre workouts contain potentially dangerous stimulants that lack safety data and are even banned by professional sporting organizations. Recent scandals involving spiked pre workout supplements make us feel disappointed in the ethics of some of today's leading sports nutrition brands.

However, we are firm believers in the incredible benefits that exercise and nutrition make physically, mentally and spiritually. We have seen amazing transformations in our families, employees and friends first hand.

We are careful and picky about what we eat and hold our supplements to the same standards. Taking products that are loaded with artificial colors, sweeteners and potentially dangerous chemicals seems like we are taking a step back from our ultimate goal - to feel and look great.

That is why we choose to create only the best, using evidence-based nutrients from the world's top suppliers, in researched doses without any unnecessary, unproven ingredients.

VICI is our new pre workout formula, carefully designed by our Research & Development team according to our ideals, without compromise.

We hope you will enjoy VICI as much as we do!

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