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Aria by Designer Protein

Women's Wellness Protein

For a Toned Body, Healthy-Looking Skin, Hair & Nails!

Designer Whey Aria Women's Protein is a premium protein powder designed specifically for optimal women’s health and weight management. Aria’s blend contains premium whey and soy protein with additional soy isoflavones to promote healthy estrogen balance and heart health. Designer Whey Aria Women’s Protein can help women maintain a healthy body, slim waist and beautiful complexion by providing high quality proteins in a low fat and low carb blend. If you’re a woman and have been looking for a delicious protein designed just for you, Designer Whey Aria Women’s Protein is the perfect choice.

* 15G of natural protein in every serving for a lean & toned body
* The perfect balance of whey and plant-based protein
* Biotin & Vitamin C for healthy, youthful-looking skin, hair, and nails
* Calcium, phosphorus & vitamin D for strong bones
* Prebiotic fiber for digestive health
* Folate that supports cell & tissue growth

Good To Know Facts:

* Certified Gluten-Free
* Certified Kosher
* No Artificial Colors or Flavors
* No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives
* Non-GMO Soy Protein
* rBGH-Free Whey
* Only 1G Sugar
* Only 1G Fat
* Made with minimum 90% post-consumer recycled content
* Made in the USA

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