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CytoGainer by CytoSport

Lean Mass Builder

If you've ever had trouble really growing, or had trouble maintaining your hard-earned size, CytoGainer product was designed specifically for you. CytoGainer delivers large portions of protein and carbohydrates, without the fat and sugar.

CytoGainer contains glutamine-rich whey, whey protein concentrate, and partially pre-digested whey peptides for improved protein synthesis support. Each serving also contains added Creatine and L-Glutamine to help promote muscle recovery.

With no added simple sugars, no fructose, and no sucrose, CytoGainer's highly complex maltodextrins are specifically designed to give you a rapid infusion of nutrients to help kick-start the critical recovery process. CytoGainer provides a stable and enduring fuel, enhanced to drive growth nutrients into your muscle tissue.


  • Premium protein blend including partially pre-digested whey peptides, whey protein concentrates, and milk protein concentrate.
  • No simple sugars, fructose, or sucrose
  • Creatine Monodydrate to fuel muscles after intense training
  • L-Glutamine to help preserve muscle tissue
  • 97% fat free
  • Amazing taste!

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